Sirkeci, Istanbul

There are so many names, now lost, in the metropolis that is Istanbul. Eminönü, Beyo?lu, Ca?alo?lu, SIrkeci. If you’ve

Elegance in the desert

There’s a lot of elegance and grace represented in this photo, I think. From Petra, Jordan. A place I’d long wante

Woman from the plantation

One of the few outstanding portraits I was able to take during the first leg of our Le Grand Voyagae II. Outstanding not  for

Denpassar Pete

This is Denpassar Pete. At least, that’s what he called himself when I took his photo in Denpassar, Indonesia, on the Is

What does it mean to “remember”?

This blog has been adapted from the address I gave to my school, during our Remembrance Day Assembly, on November 8, 2019. Cha

VLog 38 – Backpacking the Rockies, Parti Deux

This is part two of my, and Elliotte’s, three day backpack into the Tombstone Lakes area of Kananaskis Country.   &

Sundays… were made to breeze

Hot coffee and George Benson’s Breezin’ is a great way to begin a Sunday morning. Thanks to my Mom, this is one of

Vlog 037 – Backpacking the Rockies

It’s a funny thing, but even while travelling the world, Elliotte couldn’t stop talking about the backpack she wan

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Greetings my lovelies. I am *the* Teddy from Where’s Teddy Now Pleased to meet you! If you’re visiting my Blog 

New YouTube Trailer

I’ve been wanting to update my YouTube Channel trailer for a while now. Love the design and idea of it, but unhappy with