Where's Teddy Now?

My first(ish) travel souvenir from… THAILAND!

I went down to the spare bedroom tonight to try to find a book (Midshipman’s Hope, Feintuch if you were wondering), and

Moving on… again!

We leave for Vietnam tomorrow after 55 days and two reentries into this fine country. Along the way we managed side trips into

Day 170 – These eyes

Mae Wang National Park, Thailand We’ve been around elephants quite a bit, in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. We’ve b

Day 167 – Chocolates

Sam Yaek Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand These babies are known as Thai chocolates. The smaller they are, the… chocolaterie

Day 165 – Kung hei fat choi

Chinatown, Chiang Mai, Thailand Colours, tokens, symbolism are all very important to world citizens of Chinese descent. I was

Pad Thai Master

Chinatown, Chiang Mai, Thailand If you combine my love for people watching and food, you get something like this; a Pad Thai m

Day 152 – The Harvest

Phukarieng View, Thailand So here’s the story: I decided to take an early morning stroll along the many paths that surro

Day 150 – The half way mark

Today is day 150 of our Le Grand Voyage. We are half way through our round the world voyage, and we find ourselves in the smal

Welcome to Chiang Rai

We are arrived. And while no (free) WiFi, I do have a decent mobile signal, and so Internetability. This is the Chian House: 3

Day 147 – Legs

Somewhere between Lamphun and Chiang Mai, Thailand A double berth, first class sleeper might, at first glance, appear to be ni