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Greetings my lovelies. I am *the* Teddy from Where’s Teddy Now Pleased to meet you! If you’re visiting my Blog 

New YouTube Trailer

I’ve been wanting to update my YouTube Channel trailer for a while now. Love the design and idea of it, but unhappy with

What does it mean to “remember”?

This blog has been adapted from the address I gave to my school, during our Remembrance Day Assembly, on November 8, 2019. Cha

VLog 38 – Backpacking the Rockies, Parti Deux

This is part two of my, and Elliotte’s, three day backpack into the Tombstone Lakes area of Kananaskis Country.   &

Sundays… were made to breeze

Hot coffee and George Benson’s Breezin’ is a great way to begin a Sunday morning. Thanks to my Mom, this is one of

Vlog 037 – Backpacking the Rockies

It’s a funny thing, but even while travelling the world, Elliotte couldn’t stop talking about the backpack she wan

My Favourite Souvenirs, Parti Un

When I travel, I want to bring memories back home with me. I know that this goes against the “traveller” ethos, bu

VLOG – 2 Months in Paradise

This is my new musical slideshow dedicated to the paradise that is Bali (with a couple fo stops to Java and Mayalsia).  

Happy Canada Day, so long Hong Kong

Happy Canada Day. Please meet Stephen. Stephen is a lion, but this is not his best side. Not by a long shot. Stephen, and his

Day 74: Nara

A huge day today, little did we know. We day tripped out of Kyoto towards the ancient capital of Japan, pre-Edo, pre-MeijiR