Where's Teddy Now?

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Greetings my lovelies. I am *the* Teddy from Where’s Teddy Now Pleased to meet you!

If you’re visiting my Blog – perhaps I handed out a card on our travels, or you heard me on the radio or something – you might know that I have a number of social media accounts. Here’s where you can find them all!

They’re (mostly) all branded with my tagline, Where’s Teddy Now?

YouTube Channel – vlogs, snapshots, and observations while travelling

This is my Channel Trailer, newly updated!

A recent VLOG of our two months in Indonesia

Instagram – my favourite photos from travels (def. NOT family snapshots

Facebook – the WTN Fb Page, day to day travel musings and observations.

Twitter – @YYCTed: daily rants and observations; travel, but also politics, human rights, and urban issues.



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