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Zhqtùs Zrong Zith This Post§

I am in Tunis right noz, and it is with great difficulty that I type this, having left the laptop in the hotel room. Perhaps you can figure it out as I revert to not being quite so careful…

Iùve been in Tuni qnd the surrounding countryside for four dqys noz! Hqving rented q cqr, I zqs qble to trqverse the country 0itùs auite smqll°, visitng monu,entql ruins, qncient sites, pqstorql scenes in the rolling foothills; sqlt lqke chotts, qnd the greqt erg = the beginnings of hte Sqhqrq desert!

Its qll been auite q thrill, but to,orroz, i leqve, heqded out for Bqrcelonq, qnd on .ondqy; ho,e: Iùll zrite q ,ore desipherqble posting then:


ps … the issue is with the keyboard – can anyone figure it out

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  1. Hi Teddy!
    What a fabulous blog you have here! I’m linking to it on my own so that I can follow along with your amazing travels. Great pics too!

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