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2014-09-15 featured about us

Welcome to our Le Grand Voyage, where the journey is the worthier part. We’ve slaved and we’ve saved for three years to take an entire year off to travel a very small part of the world.

As of January 21, we are ensconced in Bangkok, the 25th (or 44th) most populous city in the world (depending on how one defines that). This is day 136 of our trip.

We’re working on 300 days of world travel. Here’s how it’s happened so far…

  • Three months in Greece, including the Kyclades, Peloponessos, Creti, and Rodos.
  • Twelve days in Istanbul (Dec 2-14)
  • Five weeks in Thailand (beginning December 15)
  • A one week side trip to Cambodia (Jan 11-17)
  • Bangkok (January 21 – ??)
  • Chiang Mai
  • Laos
  • Vietnam (Feb 26 – March 24)

No More Tumblr… all photos hosted on my Flickr account.

You can contact us at: calgary.ted@gmail.com

While in Thailand, we can be reached at: (66) 0968.483.390

You can also connect with me on Facebook. I’m Ted Boreal.


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