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This is Where’s Teddy Now. It’s a blog. I know… kinda parochial in this day of Vlogs (I do have one of those too!), Instagram (yup), Twitter (guilty), and Tumblr (NOOOO!). But this site, this Blog,  has been going on for thirteen years, so I’m kind of stubborn with it.

(Go browse the archives and see how weird I was back then – I’ll wait!)

I travel. Well, we travel. There’s nothing special about that, since many families do. And many (many!) have travelled much more than I. But I travel and see the world in my own little way. 50ish countries now and counting, and many months living abroad abroad.

In 2014, my girls and I embarked on a ten month, 12 country journey around the world that we called Le Grand Voyage. It was fun; you might have followed us!

During the summer of 2018, we undertook Le Petit Voyage, through a bit of Western Europe. Ten or twelve (I’ve honesty lost track) over seven weeks. I got back at 21h00, the night before I went back to work.

And now, as of the summer of 2019, we are just returned from Le Grand Voyage Parti Deux. Almsot six months through Indonesia (Bali, mostly), Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Jordan, Cyprus, and Greece.

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For a little bit of fun…

Here’s the explanation of the Blog, from back in the day. Archives, so to speak.

V2.0 14-04-12

Blah blah blah, I’m back. With my girls in tow, a travellin’ we will go. We’re back in the saddle again, preparing for a year of saunter hither and yon.

I’m still Teddy, still (for now) a teacher, and blessed with a ‘lil girl who wants to travel, and a littler girl who wants to travel too. So we’ve both (La Fille et moi) taken unpaid sabbatical years from our respective boards and getting out in the world.

V1.1 05-11-07

BLOG. Stands for Web LOG. An online journal of random musings, thoughts and expressions, in this case, almost entirely mine.

If you’re here for the first time, and we have just met somewhere in our mutual travels, you might want to check this page out first – a bit of a bio about me and where I come from.

My interests lie in understanding cultures a little bit. Obviously, in traveling, one meets and interacts with many different cultures and peoples and ways of life. I like to observe what goes on around me and write about what I see. During my past four years of traveling, I have kept up an email correspondence with family and friends and people I meet along the way. Last summer, trekking through eastern Europe, I had over 120 people on my list, reading about my exploits as I crawled through the caves under Budapest or experienced my first Turkish bath in Istanbul. I would post these from Internet cafes (which are almost as ubiquitous as McDonald’s)

When I’m not travelling, I want to be commenting on Calgary culture, highlighting the good, and laughing at the laughable (like Stampede, and cowboy hats). We have a potentially great city here, but it ain’t great just yet. The words parochial and soul-less come to mind.

This BLOG is a natural extension of my activities. I like to write, and if even a few people enjoy what they read or are provoked into considering some aspect of their own experiences, then I for one am happy.

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