Man shot in terror hunt…

Headline: Man shot in terror hunt was innocent young Brazilian

Tragic, but there’s a moral: don’t run from police.

Man shot in terror hunt was innocent young Brazilian

Tony Thompson, Gaby Hinsliff and Alexandre Xavier
Sunday July 24, 2005
The Observer

A young Brazilian man, living and working in London as an electrician, emerged last night as the innocent victim shot dead by police in their hunt for the suicide bombers targeting the capital.

The dead man, killed at Stockwell tube station on Friday after fleeing from armed police, was named as 27-year-old Jean Charles de Menezes. His body was identified by Alex Pereira, a cousin who lives in London and who afterwards told The Observer: ‘I can’t believe they shot him, because he was not a terrorist. He was an honest man.,16132,1535246,00.html

Fred Columns

Here’s a page I keep on coming back to every once in a while:

Fred Columns

This one’s about science, and about what science can (and does) do, and what is not (and cannot do).

Domains I should have bought

I consulted my son Bradyn about web domain names, and he suggested that I keep it simple. “tblog” is simple, catchy, and rememberable.

But now, as so often happens, and in the pale ice blue light of hindsight, I’ve had some other ideas. How about: (or someother, jungly number).

Any other ideas out there? And what about .com vs. .ca (seeing as how I’m in Canada)?

Are we there yet?!?!

The problem with having so many different theme options is that, when push comes to shove, one must simply decide. At some point. It’s down to four or so. Connections/Fasttrack or Landzilla or Travelogue or Falling Dreams. Hard to decide.

I haven’t gotten there yet.

Saturday – we’re off to Stampede. I am in the minority in Calgary who vehemently dislikes Stampede. So why go? Cos they have (usually) a great concert series at the Coca Cola Stage. Tonight, it’s Usher. David Usher, of Moist fame. He’s good. And so we (the girl and I) are going.

Getting closer to launch

So I spent literally hours trying to figure out the php admin scripts so I can reset my mySQL database tables so that I could reinstall WordPress and try the Travelogue theme again – maybe this time it would work. It doesn’t quite.

What I need is some sample messages to clutter things up and see how they fit in. I’m looking at the Travelogue 1.01 Theme designed by Josh Lyman, but it’s kinda klunky as yet. So I’m going to stick with the Jakarta WP theme – it’s kinda purdy.

EDIT (16-01-18) – So I started this blog in July 2005. Cool. Ten and a half years ago.