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Packing – the torture begins

Air Transat has this little thingy; it counts down the days until departure. It makes me giggle.

149daysIt’s time to think about packing. We’re gone for a year, so among other things, we’ll need some new stuff into which to pack our junk. I’m talking suitcases, here. Or something like that. But not suitcases.

What we’ve generally decided on is something like this:

  • two big duffles on wheels
  • one or two backpacky things
  • two or three carry-on backpacks

There are so many things to balance, and I feel like we’re the first people ever to have to think about them. Namely:

  • weight (we have a limit on our first leg of 40kg x 3 tickets, but 20 to 23kg per piece is typical).
  • size (length + width + height of any checked piece cannot exceed 60 for Air Transat, 62 for Air Canada).
  • number of pieces (Ellie can handle a smaller roll-on, Ti and I something larger) and us both something on our backs.

The big question is this: can we fit a year’s worth of clothes and toys and  extras and come in within these limits? With a girl who likes her shoes and her clothes, and a guy who likes his camera gear and electronics, it’s going to be a tight fit.

So we’ll do this in parts. Tomorrow we go off to buy our first pieces; his and hers matching Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 30s. They’re 102 litre duffle bags on wheels that add up to that magic number 60.

Ain’t it pretty? These babies retail for $350 USD from the factory (alas, they don’t ship to Canada), but I’ve seen them at that price through various Canadian and US mail order shops. But who wants to wait?

Luckily, we saw them first at Atmosphere, the MEC wannabe. Unfortunately, they’re selling for $375; ah, the price of instant gratification. On the bright side, if you clicked on the link, you’ll see a scratch and win sale event, on right now; we’re guaranteed a savings of at least $35.

Oh happy day!

It will be our first stop tomorrow morning.

Here’s a video review of the bad boy:





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