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Naxos Roadtrip

We’ve been renting cars on the bigger islands. Hell, even the smaller ones (like Aegina). They let us get around and see things more easily, time being money and all that. They are largely affordable, at between 20 and 35 Euros a day), and they are definitely worth it, allowing us to go down roads we want to without having to ask permission.

Like this road, along the north coast of Naxos, on the way to Apollon.

The scenery is spectacular and is equal to the best roadways vistas we’ve ever seen. This reminds me a little of the Cabot Trail, on Cape Breton Island, but La Fille ™ disagrees on that one.

Here’s the GPS track of our trip today, about 100 km:

2014-10-20 Naxos Road Trip Track

See all those squiggly lines? Switchbacks.

Take a look at this FaceBook post for an example of some urban auto adventuring: The Narrow Lanes of Tripiti.

If you listen carefully, you can hear Elliotte say “I don’t feel good about this”.

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