Where's Teddy Now?

Another bus station

Chiang Mai Bus Station #2 is just ten minutes from our guest house, Poi de Ping. 288 baht buys a seat on the V-Class premium bus. This has 3 leather seats across, AC, toilets. A sweet ride.
We could have cheaped out a little and gotten the fan cooled sardine can for 175 thb (this is what we had in Cambodia), but we are not without means, so suck it!

Converting from Thai baht to CAD is easy now since the loony has fallen; you just divide by 25. Or drop two zeros and multiply by four. A veritable math lesson for Elliotte.

So, cheap seats would have cost us 21CAD. We paid 35 (if I haven’t forgotten my math).

Just like every dusty bus station in any mid size Asian town I’ve ever visited.

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