Where's Teddy Now?

My Baby

I finally got my baby back. Baby got back. Or came back. Or something.

Shut up while I’m ahead.

2015-02-18 thailand chiang mai portrait elliotte 2

The story is this; my camera (a Canon 5D Mk II), or rather my 24-105 lens, kicked the bucket. The power aperture ring on the lens finally gave in after about 5 years of service. So I decided to visit Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, and leave my baby in the care of Canon Authorized Service.

For under 5000 THB – thats $183 CAD – they repaired the lens, replaced a cracked screen on the body, replaced the fresnel focusing screen, and gave the body a thorough cleaning and adjusting.

I think they even updated the BIOS.

The result is that I have my baby back. I would have preferred to have it in Laos, but I’m happy to have gotten quality service, at a fraction of what it would have cost back home. Delivered to Chiang Mai, even. Free.

So I took this picture to test things out.

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