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Day Two – Ça Continue

I went and pulled a Barb today, and arrived lat on site. Six pm; time for food and Elliot Brood.

It’s a weaker evening tonight. I’m here for Bedouin Soundclash. but Macy Gray seems to be the highlight. Me, Meh.

Barb’s supposedly here somewhere. See if I can’t snap a clandestine pic of her.


Back to mainstage. after running into Barb, coming back from EB,

Their’s will be the third CD of the weekend. but which one…

The lineup at the mainstage might be weak. but the MCing by Chantal Vitalis and Chris Demeanour is first rate. Both are excellent. witty. talented. and goofy musicians. and they’ve carried the stage before. And Chris is one of my favourite Calgary talents. His song, This Old House, is the theme for my Inglewood project.

Jeff Healy’s up soon. Meh. Then BS. Then Macy. I’m keeping and open mind.



Ran into some of the guys. Off to the Beer Tent. They’re serving Snagria, which is more my speed tonight. We listen to Bedouin from there. Or rather, we listen to the beat. They really ought to throw some speakers into the beer pit for us.



Macy Gray. Meh. What’s R&B have to do with folk, anyways? I mean, she’s awesome an all, a great performer. And those backup singer gals – Erika and what her name – they got ‘tude, man.

But in the final analysis, I’m off home early. Big day tomorrow. Won’t be blogging much from the site, battery issues. But I’m bringing my book, lots of drinks, the new chair, and a blankie. I have to pace myself.

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  1. I thought Bedouin Soundlclash were kinda so-so. Eva really like the dub session after Elliot Brood and I will check them out at a workshop. Speaking of Elliot Brood, I have the Ambassador cd, which has the song The Bridge on it (it’s good), but am planning to get their other cd tomorrow.

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