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Jimboran (Day 5)

Visiting Bali during monsoon is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, intermittent weather with (obviously) daily monsoon downpours. On the other, brilliant sunsets, the likes of which are truly awe inspiring.

We walked and cabbed today, beaches by the handful: Petitenget, Seminyak (again), Double Six, Legian, Kuta… and then a short Grab (think Indonesian Uber) to Jimboran, the most celebrated seafood mecca on-a-beach on all of Bali.

When doing this kind of travel, we do a lot of research. Tina discovered that Jimboran was a hotspot for fresh seafood dining, so it got put on our list today. What we discovered was a highly perfected tourist mecca of plastic beach-side tables, with dozens of warung, their staff keeping their fingers crossed for a nice sunset and no rain.

We were, this day, rewarded.

The food was quite good, and for 30CAD equivalent, things tasted good, fresh, and the bear was cold. On the way home, we walked through a maze of tourist kitsch. Think of the labyrinth you walk through to get to the tills of some Walmarts or The Gap Warehouse.

And here again, you experience the dystopian landscape of harsh fluorescent lights and the blackness of the sky.

There are family run cottage industries that create all this garbage. It’s an interesting anthropological exercise to browse through them an haggle over a few cents for a cheap wooden kotchka.


We have so far travelled…

  • 14 094 km Air
  • 102 km driving (32 km today)
  • 31.5 km walking (9 km today)

This is a 163 part Blog series, chronicling my family’s Le Grand Voyage II – a six month, round the world trip through Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Jordan, Cyprus, and Greece. It’s a 163 part reflection on the trip, highlighting some touristy and distinctly no-touristy photography (just a sampling of the 20 000 photos I snapped on three cameras) and the stories behind them.



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