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A memory from Toscana

This is cute.

Over supper, we’re reminiscing (drinking Sangria) about a picnic that Tina and I had in the middle Toscana. You know the sort… a bottle of local wine (opened by pushing the cork through, drinking from the bottle because we had neither glasses nor cork removal device), fresh bread, a selection of cheeses and meats from the town of Rada in Chianti (what my Omi called “cold cuts”, but what we now call charcuterie).

The classic Tuscan picnic, in the classic hills hills of Toscana near San Gimignano that you can all imagine. Or *should* all imagine, once in your life.

Here’s Tina, for example, at our picnic site. The ONLY picture I have of us from then.

(The reason this is all cute is because we were eating pecorino by the slice, at dinner, and Elliotte asked a question, which immediately brought back this memory, and thus, this blog post. This is 2006, by the way, a full year before La Petite Fille ™.)

But in looking for this photo. I came across this one, something to do with spices.

We bought some for us and we bought some for the parental units.

And then La Fille ™ said “we have some left”. Here they are, hand lettered, and one of those unforgettable memories from 14 years ago.


Oh, and yes, I was there too. Trying to find my way around.



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