Where's Teddy Now?

Moab, baby!

We arrived in Moab last night, 1:30 am. Sneaking into Arches National Park, we quitely slept in a day use area. In the car once again.

We awoke to a wet landscape – it had thundered last night making the trails all wet. The scenery that greeted us was phenomenal. All of the red rocks and canyons and fins and spires that I remember from Monument Valley two and a half years ago, but closer. We were the first ones down “Park Avenue”, a trail through bluffs and structures that look like NY skyscrapers in a way. Moving along, we hit some of the natural arches that give the park its name.

End of Day 2 and 2240 km to date. Gas is an oddly affordable 2.89 a gallon (76.3 l)

Simply surreal, this place.

We’re lunching at the Mondo Cafe beforfe we walk around some and head down to Natural Bridges National Monument, later today. The crowds hereabouts are kinda annoying. Maybe we’ll beet them down south.

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