Elegance in the desert

There’s a lot of elegance and grace represented in this photo, I think. From Petra, Jordan. A place I’d long wante

Woman from the plantation

One of the few outstanding portraits I was able to take during the first leg of our Le Grand Voyagae II. Outstanding not  for

My Favourite Souvenirs, Parti Un

When I travel, I want to bring memories back home with me. I know that this goes against the “traveller” ethos, bu

VLOG – 2 Months in Paradise

This is my new musical slideshow dedicated to the paradise that is Bali (with a couple fo stops to Java and Mayalsia).  

Day 74: Nara

A huge day today, little did we know. We day tripped out of Kyoto towards the ancient capital of Japan, pre-Edo, pre-MeijiR

VLOG – (Not) Lost in Kyoto

A new Vlog… we’ve spent a few days in our second Japanese City, Kyoto, and it’s worth a Snapshot.

A Whole New Country

We have arrived in Japan!   After two months in Indonesia, centered on Bali (but with side trips to Java and Mayasia), we

VLOG: The sound of water

If green is the defining colour of Bali (and I’m saying it is), what sound would characterize this little island? ItR

Snapshots: Monsoon

The rainy season, what they call the monsoon in Asia, varies by locale. In Bali, monsoon lasts from October through to April.

Snapshots: Driving in Jogja

Driving in Indonesia (sample size, n=2) is quite the amazing endeavour. I don’t think I’d rent a car and do it. It