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Denver Bound!

The one thing that both Justin and I are truck by as we travel the (largely) backroads of mid-western U.S.A. is the quality of the roads. By and large, we are traveling the smaller state highways, and yet they all seem to be in pristine condition. Even through 3000m mountain passes, it looks like it’s just been repaved within the year.

The overt affluence of this place is hard to ignore. The roads a re great, the place is clean, old towns like Telluride, Ouray, and Cortez are beautifully kept up and have tones of authentic, old buildings.

How is it that a backwoods little town in the middle of backwater Colorado has more heritage buildings than Calgary?

Yesterday was a fairly short day. From Monument Valley, we hit the Four Corners Monument, and through SW Colorado towards Telluride. A beautiful little town (Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank here ain 1889 – the building is still standing) that I’d like to return to in the winter for the skiing.

From here we went around to Ouray, another old mining town, with a beautifully restored main street. Hot springs were the attraction here (8 bucks a head) and then a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Justin was hoping for a beer (dying for one, actually). Alas, drinking age here is 21, so he had to make do with a soda pop.

We did, however, snag a bottle of wine, and after heading up a very rough mountain road for a few clicks found a nice isolated camp spot.

The Element (my new truck) is perfect for what came next. Front seats totally recline flat with the seats in the back. We hooked up the laptop (we broght two on the trip) to the car stereo (6 speakers), layed back and enjoyed the movie Stealth while sipping on a Colorado Chardonnay. Very comfy.

So today is September 11. 911. We’re on the way up to Morrison, just outside of Denver, tot he Red Rocks Ampitheatre where we shall catch the Dave Matthews Band in Concert. I bought the tix a few months ago, and they cost about 150 bucks for two (even tho face value is $56). Live at Red Rocks was the first DMB album I bought, so there are some nostalgic reasons to looking forward to this concert. It is in a fab natural ampitheatre, and we’re in Row 45.

This concert will rock.

KM 2272 and still rocking with 14 Gb of iTunes music. The Shins are playing right now.

2 thoughts on “Denver Bound!

  1. Glad you enjoyed our beautiful state, but to refer to it as “backwater Colorado” is like saying you are from “redneck Alberta.” It is obvious the citizens of the “backwoods” little town in Colorado have more foresight and pride than the pogeys of Calgary, but then who can take pride in preserving a few grain elevators, oil wells and frozen cow dung?

    I am just kidding, I have been to Calgary a few times and met several people with all their teeth.

    Hope you enjoyed Red Rocks – great venue.

  2. Yeh, well Bill… “backwater” ought to have been in quotes, tongue firmly in cheek. So, no diss even implied. In fact, as we drove through, I kept telling myself I ought to buy a spread out here somewhere.

    As for lil ‘ole Alberta… the words parochial and redneck absoutely to apply, no appologies needed.

    Red Rocks was on the “life list”. DMB was and added bonus.

    So how’d you find me and the blog anyways?

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