Tom Yum

I’m trying on some recipes to try on Les Filles ™ later on. Actually, in trying to figure out what to cook myself in their absence, and having not gone shopping recently, I scoured the cupboards for some inspiration. I found this…



… for Tom Yum Goong. Sort of a hot’n’sour soup from Thailand.

And so, 3 cups (with 2 cubes) of vegetable broth, some soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, and these ingredients later…


Tom Yum - ingredients 

… it looks like this:


Tom Yum - the simmer 

Not the traditional Tom Yum, but little of what I ever throw together ever is. Thicker with way more vegetables and chunkies inside. I added a small square of Diamond Brand noodles (definitely not on any recipe I’ve ever seen). Unfortunately, I was missing cilantro, kaffir leaves, and lemongrass.

Perhaps a little too spicy for La Petite Fille ™, but I think Teener will like it. Let’s see if she actually reads this and asks for it.

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