Where's Teddy Now?

Day 146 – The road is life

We’re on the legendary Train 13, the express train from Bangkok to Chiangmai. The journey being the worthier part, and a

Day 145 – Game face

  Ban Chang Lo, Bangkok Street checkers is a competitive sport. And it gathers a crowd.

Day 144 – A hazy shade

Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand I came to this post with the most practically perfect lyrics to quote, and perfectly (unashamedly, ev

Day 143 – Street life

Thanon Si Ayutthaya, Dusit, Bangkok Wish everybody would leave me alone -yeah They’re always calling on my telephone Whe

Dear privileged, Western student…

This is Siem Reap, the third largest city in Cambodia: This is a typical rural school, just outside Siem Reap. Students typica

Day 142 – Adventures in public transit

Dusit, Bangkok Here’s what 8 baht buys you. There are many different classes of bus that you can take in Bangkok; air co

Day 141 – Deckard?

Asok Montri & Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok Now, admittedly, there are some more convincing places on the planet that come close

Day 140 – The Voice of Buddha

The Golden Mount, Wat Saket, Bangkok In Buddhism, the ringing of the bell represents the voice of Buddha, and helps sustain th

Random acts of theatre

Coming home from Wat Saket, and within sight of the Democracy Monument, we ran into some theatre at the Art Market. Totally by

Funky, funky

Our funky guesthouse, the Shanti Lodge. It’s in the Dusit neighbourhood of Bangkok, close to the Thewit Pier and about 2