Where's Teddy Now?

Day 172 – Powerful

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Asian cities are always a paradox, a juxtaposition between old and new, the decrepit and the modern,

Moving on… again!

We leave for Vietnam tomorrow after 55 days and two reentries into this fine country. Along the way we managed side trips into

Day 171 – Chachkas

Walking Street Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand These things are so colourful, so bold, so vibrant. And so useless. There is a lot

Day 170 – These eyes

Mae Wang National Park, Thailand We’ve been around elephants quite a bit, in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. We’ve b

Elephant Camp

A day exploring the countryside, Kariang villages, rivers. Yes, we rode elephants. I cannot imagine not being able to rub my

Health care in the third world

Look, Thailand is the third world. Like it or not, it’s the truth. In more PC parlance, we might say “developing&#

Day 169 – Dedication

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. T

Day 168 – Wat

Wat Chieng Mun, Chiang Mai, Thailand A peaceful oasis amid the noise and confusion that is Chiang Mai. The Buddhas and statuar

Sunday Walking Street Market

Every Sunday, starting around 5pm,  two central streets within the walled city of Chiang Mai close down, and begin to close i

Day 167 – Chocolates

Sam Yaek Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand These babies are known as Thai chocolates. The smaller they are, the… chocolaterie