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Apple Tort

You never fully appreciate something until you don’t have it anymore. Thus it is with my Omi’s Pflaumenkuchen. (That’s not hers, but it looked exactly like that.)

Growing up, the weekends at my grandparents invariably revolved around two events: cleaning — with windows and doors wide open, even in winter (for fresh air) — and baking. In Omi’s case, it was her plum cake, known in German as Pflaumenkuchen.

We did not make Pflaumenkuchen this day.

Instead, I was perplexed with what to do with the overabundance of chocolate marzipan bars we seem to have collected. Another of my Omi’s quirks — I would always get a big bar or two every Christmas. We have a few stored up.


And then I remember this recipe for an Apple Tort that had intrigued me.

I put this together with that, and created a Marzipan Apfeltort, in memory of my Omi. (Mom, I will make one for you this spring.)


Apple Tort

And the finish:

Apple Marzipan Tort

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