Where's Teddy Now?

Current projects

‘Tis my curse, to be an ideas man.

I have many underway at the same time. And consequent to being a parent, I haven’t enough time to devote to them all.  But here (for my own amusement, and perhaps yours) are some of my ongoing projects and interests.

  • 365 of 2012 – I am committed again to taking (at least) a picture a day, and posting them. For a year, beginning January 1. The link is to my own Flickr set, but I also post to the 2012/366photos Flickr group. Misery, after all, loves company. This time round (I quit about half way through, a few years ago) the task should be made easier by my allowing myself to use the iPod camera. It also allows me work on my “art” (heh!) by concentrating on composition.

  • 100 Meals – This is pure food porn. These are the meals we eat, but for us, the journey is in the making. The voyage. We don’t have stupid amounts of time to do stuff (like prepare meals), but we do like to eat well and eat healthy. Well, sorta healthy. Perhaps there’s inspiration here for someone.

  • 52 Bottles of Wine – From food to Wine Porn. Here’s a Flickr Group that I created to help celebrate that great bottle. I invite contributors to post a great photo and to tell a story about a good bottle wine.

  • Flickr – Of course, I post all of my photos on Flickr.


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