Where's Teddy Now?

The gauntlet thrust down

I am about two minutes into an opening conversation five strangers when I have an epiphany; these guys are serious! How else to explain talk of SEO strategies by these heavyweights?

One cannot.

The gals (and one husband. And, well, myself, a guy too…) are travel bloggers. We met on Twitter, and one even came down from Edmonton for lunch.

There is, apparently, a Travel Blogger community in Calgary. And since I am part of the community (and every blog needs an original photo or two) here’s one: me on the train the Beograd, departing from Kelati station in Budapest.

Frankly, I feel as though the gauntlet has been firmly thrown down at my feet; what the hell have I been doing with my blog these days? Time to buck down. I have plans, dammit.

Here’s who I met today:

I love to travel, but I used to think it wasn’t possible. I used to let fear stop me from traveling, fear of money, fear of time, fear of responsibilities. However; I’ve discovered anyone can travel. You don’t have to be rich or famous, you don’t need a crowd, or a job as a travel agent or pilot (although I’m sure that helps). You only need to work on that inner-monologue that says you should go somewhere.

I’ve been all over the world – to all continents but Antarctica and to a grand total of 53 countries. I’ve always got some sort of an adventure planned – even if it’s only a weekend. I thrive on change and travel provides that.

Meet Jen Twyman and Kim Gray – a.k.a. Toque & Canoe. We’re Canadian travel hounds based in Western Canada. In short, we’re both big travelers. Here at home and abroad.  Every summer, Toque goes east and Canoe goes west and we return to swap tales about where we’ve been, who we’ve met and what we’ve seen.

I’m Gillian. In 2009 my partner, Jason, and I set out to travel the world for a year. Now we’re looking for something more long term; a place outside of our ‘home and native land’ to hang our hat; another Giant Step along the path.

These are some serious bloggers. Were you to spend a bit of time poking around their sites, you’d find a wealth of experiences, countries visited, places in Canada explored. Truly motivating.






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