Where's Teddy Now?

Our Lady of Perpetual Football

Clearly, I jest. This is, in actuality, the ruins of the seat of the Archbishopry of Rhodes of the 15th century, Our Lady of the Burg.

Like so many things on our travels, we found this quite by accident, simply by wandering the alleys and paths of the old city. It’s these little surprises that make us wish we had more time here, beyond our three days. It’s quickly become our newest favourite place. And even better, it’s a place that we could see ourselves spending a big chunk of time in.


There used to be a street running through where these folks are playing footie. The restoration plan  for the site included reestablishing the unity of the church site, and so they blocked off and routed the traffic around. It’s a space reclaimed from archaic uses, even if it does seem a little weird.

And we found it all by accident.

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