Where's Teddy Now?

Day 148 – Mr. Naamtung

2015-02-02 mister namtung copy

Mr. Naamtung allowed me to take his photo, inside the shop where he sells the things he carves.

One has to be wary when shopping and bargaining for wares along the walking street markets and bazaars. We bought some pants for Elliotte and the price, which started at 120 baht, quickly fell to 100 with a “special deal, just for you”. I was sorely tempted to haggle.

I didn’t. The woman selling the pants (and shirts and dresses) was, apparently, also the seamstress who made them all. I asked her how long it took to sew the pair of pants we eventually bought E., and she said about 20 minutes. That’s three pairs an hour, not including materials. 300 baht, or about 12 bucks Canadian. I couldn’t in good conscience bargain for things like this.

Mr. Namtung (probably his given name; I am Mr. Teddy to everyone here) is an artisan. I don’t think I’d haggle with him, either.

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