Where's Teddy Now?

Day 291 – The Shard

Southward, London They call it The Shard, and its name is appropriate. Located at the London Bridge, it’s the tallest bu

Day 280 – 750 Years

Saint Chapelle, Ile de la Cité, Paris One need not be religious to appreciate the sheer beauty and richness of a place, the i

Day 283 – Passage

Passage Jouffroy, 9th arr’t, Paris We retrace our steps often, and each time the view is a little different. Passages, i

Day 282 – Égouts

Musée des égouts, Paris The word for sewer, égout, sounds mischiefly like the word to taste, gout. If that isn’t a po

Day 281 – Steam Punk

Musée d’Orsay, Paris We’re in the middle of a six day, all museum pass EXTRAVAGANZA! 69 euros buys us unlimited,

Day 280 – The Smile

Le Louvre, Paris There is no doubt about it, this is the most famous painting in the world. One cannot travel to Paris, visit

Day 279 – Art

Centre Georges Pompidou, Les Halles, Paris This – the bones that make up the exoskeleton of the largest modern art museum in

Day 278 – Arênes

Les Arênes, Quartier Latin, Paris Oh, the the change that time hath wrought. Where once slave fought slave in gladatorial com

Day 277 – La Rive Droit

La Seine, Paris The woman in the magenta polka dot dress is talking to her agent. Margueritte is an aspiring lounge singer and

Day 273 – Little Boxes

Marche aux Puces, St-Ouen, Paris I like a great many things, wine and old things among them. This photo combines the two. Flea