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Day 150 – The half way mark

Today is day 150 of our Le Grand Voyage. We are half way through our round the world voyage, and we find ourselves in the small Karen village of Baan Raumit with our new found friends, the Tomkins’.

LGV150  small

There is something very special about meeting folks from one’s own world in a place very far away from that world. This is where we find ourselves today, having met up with the Tompkins family so very far away from home.

Before today, we could not have called each other “friends”. Even though we live only a kilometre apart, in Calgary (Inglewood, to be precise), and share many mutual friends. We knew each others’ names but have never actually met, F2F.

I think we shall become the best of friends after our shared experienced here in northern Thailand, and soon, in Laos.

DSCN7813 2

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