Where's Teddy Now?

Moving on… again!

We leave for Vietnam tomorrow after 55 days and two reentries into this fine country. Along the way we managed side trips into Cambodia (seven days) and Laos (ten days). We feel we got a very good idea of how this part of the world works, and we’re feeling just a tad too comfortable.

Yep, time to move on.

In honour of our time here, I present a list of the things we loved about Thailand:

1. Everything.

No, seriously. Well, not seriously, maybe not *everything*… Here’s a more serious list of the things we will not miss about here:

1. Walking the streets and constantly worried about being run over by tuk-tuks.

2. Bright white fluorescent lighting everywhere, but especially outdoors in restaurants.

3. Everything over-sweetened, but especially the orange juice.

4. Bargaining for everything, including tuk-tuk and songthaew rides.

5. Toilet paper for napkins at the dinner table.

Everything else, though, was fabulous!

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