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Day 244 – Cornucopia

LGV 2015-05-10 france cours saleya nice market tomatos 4 copy

Cours Saleya, Vieux Nice, France

Red is a good colour, to be sure. But there’s so much more than red tomatoes in the world. Had I done some rearranging, I could have captured a dozen shades of red, plus dozens more of orange, purple, brown, green…

There are many colourful words written about Cours Saleya, the Flower market of Vieux Nice. Most of them are even true. It used to be nicer; La FIlle ™ was here often in 1995-96 when she was student, and remembers far fewer people. That’s a theme that we keep running up against. Everywhere, more people, more tourists… there is no longer a “tourist season”, even in Istanbul, in December.

So I’ll sit in my Nice apartment, eat a fresh baguette with olive oil and a great tasting tomato.

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