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What’s he done lately?

I’m not a fan boy, but I still like this guy, Trudeau.

Trudeau 2015

But… I’d like to be reasonable about this thing. Here’s (what I think is) an unbiased list of stuff he’s done lately. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And everything in between. I don’t expect 100% from anyone, but I’m hoping  for 66% at least.

Here’s my personal accounting how our Canadian PM is doing. If you have any suggestions, or omissions, do let me know what you think. My score so far?


The (major) Good

  • Infusing a feeling of positive energy, cooperation, and Sunny Ways, my friends. Sunny Ways!
  • Invited all First Ministers and Party Leaders to Paris Climate conference.
  • Press conferences at the National Press Gallery. Yea!
  • NEW: The Long Form Census back!
  • NEW: The appointment of certain Cabinet Minsters, namely Kent Hehr for Veterans Affairs, and Harjit Sajjan for Defence.
  • NEW: Scientists (and presumably, the civil service) unmuzzle’d

The (minor) Good

  • NEW: Created our first gender balanced cabinet – because it’s 2015. (I used to be ambivalent to this, but see the value and symbolism more and more every day).

The Ambivalent

  • Removal of Canadian warplanes from Syrian and Iraqi bombing missions. (No, we are not a warrior nation. Our heritage is based on doing what we must, when there are no alternatives. In this case, there are alternatives.)

The Not So Good

  • Reversed Harper’s decision to allow Canada Post to  transition to community mailboxes.

The “what the hell? Noooo!”

  • Happily, nothing yet.


The List

Here are the things I was particularly looking forward to seeing happen in the first parliament led by Justin Trudeau. They are particularly important ot me

  • Thoroughly review C-51, and repeal the naughty bits.
  • Repeal the Fair Elections Act.
  • Begin a national conversation about the TPP.
  • DONE: Reinstate the mandatory long form census.
  • Rehire Tony Turner, the musical Environment Canada guy.
  • Recommit to providing the proper care and support for our armed forces veterans.
  • Establish an inquiry into missing aboriginal women.
  • Reestablish data based decision making. Science, yo!
  • Kill the F-35. Please, God, kill it with fire.
  • Reconfirm the independence of the Supreme Court of Canada.

And last, but most certainly not least – the singular most important thing Trudeau committed to… the game changer, the election winner (I believe):

  • Champion and nurture election reform based on preferential ballot.



Nota bene… for those of you visiting me, Teddy, about travel stories and reflections, this post is a bit different. We’ve just had a national election, and the Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau (whom my mother, and others called le Dauphin, perhaps without really knowing what that means). I like the choice.

I’d like to see how many of the things I liked about the platform actually come to fruition.

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