Where's Teddy Now?

Food (Day 8)

Today, Elliotte went riding. A new country, a new stables, a new horse, and a new way of doing things.

But before that, we ate.

You cannot imagine the infinite variety that is Indonesian, and particulary, Balinese food. From the traditional sates and mie goreng to the zesty brilliance of a new Asian fusion cuisine. All wrapped up in banana leaves.

Our favourite? Yoghurt Bowls with fresh fruit.

THEN Elliotte jumped some horses.

We have so far travelled…

  • 14 094 km Air
  • 147 km driving
  • 53.0 km walking (4.5 km today)

This is a 163 part Blog series, chronicling my family’s Le Grand Voyage II – a six month, round the world trip through Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Jordan, Cyprus, and Greece. It’s a 163 part reflection on the trip, highlighting some touristy and distinctly no-touristy photography (just a sampling of the 20 000 photos I snapped on three cameras) and the stories behind them.


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