Where's Teddy Now?

Day 167 – Chocolates

LGV167 2015-02-21 thailand chiang mai cooking school class red peppers thai chocolates copy

Sam Yaek Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand

These babies are known as Thai chocolates. The smaller they are, the… chocolaterier they are. A staple for Thai cooking, they are wonderous things when used sparingly.

The girls went to a Thai cooking class today, and to the market to forage for supplies. TIL that you can stir fry these babies whole and add just a hint of heat to your dish (to the point that La Petite Fille ™ won’t complain (“just remove them before you serve them to me, daddy” she pleads). If you want to bump it up a notch, say for Pad Thai, then slice them in quarters.

And if you want something incendiery, you crush them, as they do with Som Tum.

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