Where's Teddy Now?

Day 277 – La Rive Droit

LGV277 2015-06-12 france paris seine river rive droit street people copyLa Seine, Paris

The woman in the magenta polka dot dress is talking to her agent. Margueritte is an aspiring lounge singer and is getting no love. Her agent wants her to get into Cabaret, and le Paradis Latin has been mentioned, but Margie (to her friends) will have none of it. “I want to be an artist” she practically yells into the phone.

Jean and Chantalle are busy with their own drama. “I told you we should have had wine” bawls Jean “and YOU should have brought it!”. But Chantalle will have none of that either, pointing out (quite rightly) that the Champagne would never be cold enough, and it’s too warm for a Beaujolais. “Beer is what we need” she replies, and they’re just  about to move to the nearest Tabac when they’re distracted by the overly emotional girl to their left, who’s just sat down beside them and started crying.

Miguette and Solange are talking about boy problems, sipping their Coke Life, but wishing it were an ice cold beer as well. “It doesn’t matter if he’s 37, he’s still a boy” exclaims Solange.

Sumi and Aiki are tuckered out after a day of shopping at Les Halles. They’re talking about that last cafe they sat down at, where they paid 10.70 for a small glass of wine. “But it was so exotic, having a glass of Chablis in a Parisian cafe” [in Japanese, of course]. “It was too noisy, and besides” replies Aiki “I don’t like the taste of it.

Another day of life at Île de la Cité, on the banks of the Seine.


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