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Day 273 – Little Boxes

LGV272 2015-06-08 france paris marche aux puces wine boxes copyMarche aux Puces, St-Ouen, Paris

I like a great many things, wine and old things among them. This photo combines the two.

Flea markets, like shopping malls, were invented in Paris. (Are you seeing a pattern here? Shopping?) In the olden days, the Rag and Bone Men would collect society’s cast offs and resell them. Fleas were associated with the old pieces, or perhaps the old men, and so the term “marché aux puces” was coined. (Puces is the French word for flea, if you hadn’t gotten the connection.)

The marché was moved outside of central Paris by the authorities in the late 1800s, and so they moved to St-Ouen, which was at that point its own town (like Montemartre, and so many others). Today, St-Ouen is a neighbourhood outside the Boulevard Péripherique, and so outside of the 18 arrondissments of inner, old Paris.

It’s a wonderful place to spend a few days.

Total aside… now listening to: Joel Plaskett, Penny for your Thoughts.

I like Johnny Walker Red, I like being juxtaposed.
I like seeing Johnny’s dad wearing Johnny’s mother’s clothes.
I like the prince and you like the king, we both like the way Freddie Mercury sings.
We’re in too deep to call this thing a fling, so which one of you’s gonna let me swing?


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