Day 201 – Neighbourhoods

LGV201 2015-03-28 rome italy testaccio neighbourhood used book seller street food copyTestaccio, Rome, Italy

Quite by chance (as in, I had no idea beforehand), we landed in the up and coming neighbourhood of Testaccio. It’s described as “hipster”, and it’s quite apparent that it is. There’s lots of foodie goodness going on here, and it’s quite gentrified.

But it’s also quite grounded; during our Saturday morning walk, we came across this used book seller. He just set up on the sidewalk, and was there all day. It’s the kind of randomness that makes wander the streets aimlessly so enjoyable here.

I think it’s no coincidence that many of the books here have to do with food. It’s almost a good thing that none of these were in English.

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