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Day 264 – Reader

LGV 264 2015-05-30 france paris montmartrecandid portrait toonie book reader man cropped smallRue Lepic, Montmartre, Paris

(Have a listen to Rue Lepic, by Yves Montand, while you consider this  photo of the day.)

Rue Lepic is one of the grand streets of Montmartre, the 18th arrondissement. You walk along and you’re just as likely to be looking into someone’s apartment as you are to run into a cafe or some one of a kind boutique. I happened upon this guy, introduced myself as a photographer, and asked him if I could snap a few pictures. He very kindly obliged.

Montmartre is about ten minutes walk from our apartment in Pigalle, the 9th arr’t. It was constructed by Napolean to create an easier slog up the hill (towards where Sacré Coeur now sits). It usesd to be a town on the outskirts of Paris, and was eventually gobbled up and annexed by the big city. Some of my favourite artists lived and worked here: Dali, Mondrian, Picasso, van Gogh. A movie or two were also filmed here, too. Amélie, anyone?

Here’s a great post on the Bog Peter’s Paris about Rue Lepic and Montmartre in general.

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