Where's Teddy Now?

Day 263 – Rooftop

LGV263 2015-05-29 paris france rue la bruyere apartment rooftop sunset skyline copy9th Arrondissment, Paris, France

We’ve had some pretty amazing views, from the windows of the various places we’ve lain for the night. Here, in the middle of the 9th of Gay Paree, however, it’s a courtyard view to the west, across a roofline indistinguishable from that of dozens of European cities.

We could be anywhere.

But we are in Paris, City of Lights, within striking distance of the Louvre, the Sacré Coeur, La Tour Eiffel, and all of those sights that you and I grew up (perhaps) dreaming of.

Skylines do not have to be big and bold to be sexy.

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