Where's Teddy Now?

Day 268 – Ants

DSCN9722 copyChamp de Mars, 7th arr’t, Paris

There are no more original photo opportunities left with La Tour Eiffel. None, only the photos that tickle me. So I pointed downwards, towards the broad park that leads up to the armoury. A crowd had gathered to watch Djokovic beat Nadal at the Roland Garros tourney, and from up high, they looked like the ants of a Flintstones cartoon.

If you look at the photo in large, individuals look like impressionist paint strokes, an interesting effect with not photoshopping.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t said this for anything else; the Eiffel has got to be, for me, the most beautiful man-made structure I’ve ever lain eyes on. Sitting on the green space of Allée Jean Paulhan, drinking wine (which you can buy for the not too outrageous price of 6 euros for a single serving bottle), and staring up at the great old lady (I imagine, curves alone, that she’s a “she”)… there is nothing quite so civilized as that.

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