Where's Teddy Now?

Day 267 – Vandals

LGV267 2015-06-02 ile de la cite love locks pont de l'archeveche smallPont de l’Archevêché, Ile de la Cité, Paris

I’m not a curmudgeon, and La Fille ™ might even suggest that I’m a romantic. She might even chuckle at me suggesting this (although I just asked, and she said that I am! – when I’m not being practical.)

I find nothing romantic or endearing about this, the love locks fad that has collapsed the railings of famous bridges from Italia to France. In fact, I have evil and unfriendly words to say to those who think polluting and vandalizing public spaces is a metaphor for their everlasting love.

They’ve been removed from the Pont des Arts (where the weight of them collapsed the railingm and closed the bridge for a time) and will soon be removed from here as well. Good riddence, and a special place in Voltaire’s hell for those who contributed to this eyesore.

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