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40 Days

I know that 40 days off is much more than many get in total holidays, but these are teacher days off; I’d suggest they’re deserved differently.

As of today, I’m off the clock for 40 days.

40 days is translatable into different units, of course. I like hours. From the time I  was released from my annual contractual obligation of 200 days (that is, as of 1200 today) I have 972 hours of leisure time. Subtract from that 41 nights of sleep (think about it), that leaves me with 644 waking hours with which to do something.

Here are some of the things I want to get done:

  • learn some new songs (working on Ebow the letter, by REM on guitar, and the Aria from the Goldberg Variations on piano).
  • finish my teardrop (wiring and roof and fiberglassing yet to do)
  • build model rockets with Elliotte (and launch them, too)
  • travel videos (have you seen my YouTube page yet?
  • drink some excellent gin and tonics.

So far, three hours in, I’ve walked around downtown with out-of-town friends (7,4 km) and had a nap. Time for action!

Photo: the shadows from Wonderland, the art installation in the courtyard of the Bow Building, Calgary.

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