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Jogja, Baby! (Day 10)

We’ve hit double digits… day 10. Itchy feet, however, compel us to hop on a plane for Jogjakarta (Jogja, for short – jogja’s on us!).

The Island of Java is right next door to Bali, and different in so many ways. The jewel of Jogja, aside from the draw of someplace a bit different after nine days, was the twin UNESCO sites of Borobudur and Prambanan. If you watched the clip from a few days ago, from the movie Baraka, you caught a glimpse of Borobudur, a Buddhist Temple with its belled shaped stupas. It’s Indonesia’s single most popular tourist draw, and it was on our list.

But first, as often the case with us before a big event, food. In this case, an 22 course sample of Javanese cuisine.


We have so far travelled…

  • 14 638 km Air (544 km today, Denpassar to Jogjakarta)
  • 340 km driving (19 km today)
  • 59.9 km walking (2.1 km today)

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