Where's Teddy Now?

Market (Day 11)

We toured today, the bustling center of Yogyjakarta – Jogja. Markets, former Dutch residences, and the Sultan’s palace.

The character of Yogyjakarta – indeed, of most of Indonesia – is vastly different from that of Bali. For starters, most of Indonesia is is Muslim, and Bali is Hindu. There’s a lot to notice and comment on, regarding the different temperaments and cultures of the two, but a few days on Java cannot possibly give me enough insight. It is different enough, though. The Musin’s call is everywhere, for instance.

It’s a good education for Elliotte.

We have so far travelled…

  • 14 638 km Air
  • 368 km driving (28 km today)
  • 68.3 km walking (8.4 km today)

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