Where's Teddy Now?

Ceningen (Day 18)

Well, it had been a few days, and we were becoming tired of hanging out in our immediate area. So… ROADTRIP!!!!

Indonesia is a land (excuse the expression) islands. Thousands upon thousands, and a lot of them within striking distance of our home in Bali. We chose a very common destination, close by Denpasar: Nusa Penida and Ceningen.

These islands are the itineraries of most backpackers. A short boat ride from the mainland, but a world away. Few cars and vehicles, more laid back, much more relaxed and calm. There’s surfing here, but mostly beach resorts and bars that overlook some stunning scenery. These islands reply almost exclusively on the tourist trade, so there’s not just lots to choose from in terms of where to stay, but also a great variety in the quality and kinds of servcie offered.

We did a LOT of research for this trip, and we seemed to have lucked out with our choice. Within walking distance of most of the great  sights of the smaller island, Nusa Ceningen.


We have so far travelled…

  • 15 833 km Air
  • 417 km driving (23 km today)
  • 24 km boat
  • 120.1 km walking (8.4 km today)


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