Where's Teddy Now?

Day 201 – Neighbourhoods

Testaccio, Rome, Italy Quite by chance (as in, I had no idea beforehand), we landed in the up and coming neighbourhood of Test

Day 200 – Century

Rome, Italy It’s a bit of a coincidence that as we begin the next leg of our Le Grand Voyage, that we return to Europe o

Day 188 – Five

Cham Islands, Vietnam Starfish are a wonder. They’ve been around for around 500 million years, relatively unchanged in t

Day 187 – Symbols

Hoi An, Vietnam I love the way that light makes patterns and texture come to life. The written language of Vietnam is easily r

Day 186 – Legs

Starlet Hotel, Danang, Vietnam Not every photo I take is a tourist photo. We are in an apartment in Danang, a block from My An

Day 185 – Water Coconut Village

Can Thanh, Vietnam About three kilometers south of Hoi An is the Water Coconut village of Can Thanh. It’s an eye opening

Day 184 – Nón lá

Song Thu Bòn, Vietnam A river runs through Hoi An, the Thu Bòn. It’s not a long river, starting the mountains 30 or 40

Day 183 – Wish

Hoi An, Vietnam This ancient town of Hoi An (I’m missing a few Vietnamese accents here) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 182 – Reverence

Ngu Hành Son, Vietnam These are the Five Elements Mountains, the Marble Mountains to us tourists. They’re named after t

Day 181 – Chicken

Hoi An, Vietnam Why did the chicken cross the road? It didn’t; it lives on the boulevard. In Thai, Chicken is “gai