Where's Teddy Now?

Day 176 – Necessity

2015-03-02 vietnam danang my an beach fishing woven bamboo basket boat small

My An Beach, Danang, Vietnam

In Ho Chi Ming CIty (formerly Saigon), we attended a great performance at the Municipal Theatre (former the Saigon Opera House) called the Ao show. A major prop of that performance was the woven bamboo boat, used by fishermen up and down the Vietnam coast.

There is a lot of coastline here.

So here we blow into Danang, a few hundred meters from our apartment, and what do we spy in the evening light, by the surf of what was once referred to as China Beach, but the same boats.

Of course, during the performance, I hadn’t even realized they were boats. The fishermen use them to reach their moored boated, offshore.

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