Where's Teddy Now?

Sunday, Sunday

It’s 7:20 as I write this. I’ve the first week of school behind me, and I should be sleeping in, in preparation for the week ahead. Lesson planning, Grade 9 kids… my head is ajumble. La Fille ™ begins this week herself. Our fantasy year is truly over.

Here’s what I’m doing this morning:

1. Drinking coffee from my Starbucks mug from Rhodes. I have a little travel habit, which I introduced La Fille ™ to, that involves picking up a city mug from the Starbucks of the various places I’ve (we’ve) been to  We now have a couple dozen. Today it’s Rhodes, or Rodos. [I was going to write Rodos in Greek, but the letters show up as ???????.] I can still read Greek, and I have a Greek Assistant Principal with whom I can practice. Or at least trade mugs with.

2015-08023 starbucks mug rhodes rodos

2. Returning emails to pen pals we met on the trip. Hello Julien!! We met many beautiful people on our trip, including the wonderful Brouillet family. They’re French (I think) , have lived in Germany, and now in Den Haag… the kids can speak five languages, and we’ve gotten together on two different continents. We first met them in Thailand and spent New Years with them. That’s my buddy Julien helping Elliotte and his sister raise lanterns.

2014-12-31 thailand rayong resort new years eve lanterns tina elliotte amelie copy

3. Wondering where the hell time went? Time is stupid (like your eyes, sometimes). It seems like just yesterday that we were on our way to Greece. The year was a blank canvas to us, and we could pretty much do anything we wanted, go anywhere we wished to go. And now that we’re home, things seem… so small to me. The greatest joy we have is to be reconnecting with friends, sharing our experiences, and relaxing with a hot coffee on a brisk, sunny Inglewood morning.

It’s nice to be home, but my head hasn’t returned yet.2014-09-08 ted greece glyfada sm

We rinse and repeat in three years.


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