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Prambanan (Day 13)

The Ramayana.

It’s one of the two epic poetic works of Hinduism, and it decorates the walls of Prambanan Temple in central Java.

Three nights and three days is a whirlwind by any definition. The central sights on day one, Borobudur and a performance of the Ramayana on day two, and then a visit to Prambanan on our last day, before flying home. A little bit of rain did not dampen our appreciation of this beautiful site, and our enjoying the now familiar carvings and bas reliefs adorning the walls and terraces.

Speechless and without words is how I feel after these past two days. I simply can’t even.


We have so far travelled…

  • 14 638 km Air
  • 412 km driving ( 44 km today)
  • 90.7 km walking (5.5 km today)

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