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Denpasar (Day 15)

Denpasar is a medium sized, provincial capital of Indonesia, and the main city of Bali. It’s every bit as frantic and chaotic and grungy as any SE Asian city you can imagine (I mean, outside of, say Kuala Lampur or Singapore, but even there, if you search hard enough, you can find the same kind of SE Asian vibe). Motos and streetside vendors rule the day.

We’ve had to drive through Denpasar a few times, to get to and from the airport, or Uluwatu further south. But this was our first time walking and spending any time here. Food is always an option, and we were not afraid of eating street food, in this case satay.

There are not many tourists hereabouts. This is not the trendy beachfront. It’s gritty and a fair representation of everyday, Balinese life. For us, perfectly safe and easy to walk around, or to grab a Grab or Gojek (ride hailing services like Uber). People don’t walk far; it’s too hot, and the sidewalks present a hazard every second step.

Later that evening, I took a walk around our neighbourhood, grabbing a great sunset over the nearby rice paddies and meeting an interesting local. There’s a video for that (and a reminder that I have a YouTube Channel – you should subscribe!)


We have so far travelled…

  • 15 833 km Air
  • 388 km driving (20 km today)
  • 103.1 km walking (16.9 km today)


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