Where's Teddy Now?

Neighbourhood (Day 16)

We spent the day puttering around our neighbourhood.

There is no “normal” in Asia; there are just surprises, and sometimes, incongruities.

The streets of the urban fabric that surrounds Denpasar in all directions for 30 kilometers is noisy and grungy and chaotic. But step off the main streets, and you find oases of calm and cool and tranquil. There is nothign quite so serene as rice paddies, and you find them everywhere. Of course you do, it’s a staple crop that most middle class families sow and harvest.

Imagine a middle class that, in addition to earning a wage outside the home, farms its own grains.

We have so far travelled…

  • 15 833 km Air
  • 388 km driving (20 km today)
  • 111.5 km walking (8.4 km today)


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