Where's Teddy Now?

Day 53 – Where’s the Beef?

Day 53

We’ve seen some markets. in our time, and in our travels. This have been the most frenetic, and potentially gag inducing, I’ve ever seen. All the strong-armed young men, dressed in identical white lab coats, replete with red trim. So little refrigeration.

As we walked through the meat section, La Fille ™ had a moment. And then we had to evacuate. Luckily, an escape corridor brought us to another wing. Unluckily, it was the slippery, seafood wing.

Not. Much. Better.

The vegetable market was cool. Everyone knows about the flying fish guy at the Pike’s Place Market in Seattle? Think of that vibe and banter, but with veggies.

Just to put things in perspective, this was good:

Day 53b

Likewise, this, below, was a little tough. Because, you know… lack of skin. And those eyes staring at you.

Day 53c

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